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Diazepam Buy Now, Buying Valium Costa Rica

In recent decades, a growing number of crisis events, both man-made and natural, have highlighted the increasing vulnerability of the urban environment. At the same time, urban areas are continuing to experience rapid expansion, with an estimated 75% of the world’s population expected to be urban dwellers by 2050. Within this context, the enhancement of urban security and resilience has become a far more urgent and significant task, necessitating more innovative and integrated approaches to urban planning and development. HARMONISE – A Holistic Approach to Resilience and Systematic Actions to Make Large Scale Built Infrastructure Secure aims to address these challenges, specifically focusing on enhancing the resilience of large scale built infrastructure. HARMONISE will seek to develop comprehensive, holistic resilience enhancement methods addressing the resilience of a range of infrastructure– from enhancing the resilience of projects at the planning and design stages right through to ensuring the resilience of established infrastructure. Ultimately, HARMONISE aims to improve the design and planning of urban areas, thereby increasing their security and resilience to new threats.

Aims and Objectives

HARMONISE will be completed over the course of 36 months through the achievement of specific objectives distributed across seven Work Packages (WP’s). Broadly, these aims and objectives are as follows:

  • Creating an understanding of urban security and resilience centred on large scale urban built infrastructure through conducting a thorough review of the current state of the art and undertaking a multi-disciplinary stakeholder engagement process (WP1)
  • Development of a Shared Holistic Concept for greater urban security and resilience of large scale built infrastructure. This will be achieved through the development of a web based platform (Interactive Semantic Intelligence Platform – H-ISIP) which will host tools developed as the project progresses (WP2).
  • Formulating multi disciplinary mechanisms / tools for the delivery of improved urban infrastructure and security (WP3)
  • Undertaking case study analysis and scenario modelling for application of the holistic concept and mechanisms / tools developed as part of WP3. The selected case studies are in 5 different locations across Europe (Dublin, London, Bilbao, Tampere and Genoa) and have been selected to be representative of the built urban form, focussing on large scale buildings / building, complexes / building arrangements such as shopping centres / areas, sports venues or combinations of business centres with underground transport nodes (WP4).
  • Evaluation and adaptation of implementation methods and integration process relating to platform, tools and associated case studies (WP5).
  • Dissemination, communication, education, training and exploitation of the holistic concept (WP6).
  • Implementing a comprehensive project and consortium management and coordination process (WP7).
Who will benefit?

Ultimately, HARMONISE aims to aid the design planning and development of resilient large scale urban built infrastructure. It is envisaged that through enhancement of the security and sustainability attributes of such infrastructure, HARMONISE can contribute to promoting quality of life and a safer and more secure public realm for those living in, working in or visiting urban areas. Furthermore, the project has the potential to shape and enhance the effectiveness (and cost) of urban security measures and thus the (financial) viability of integrated urban resilience strategies. Specifically, it could contribute to reducing the cost of resiliency measures currently deployed in the built environment. This may occur, for example, though the facilitation of better decision-making which will ensure measures can be deployed at the appropriate time within the building cycle, or through the integration of counter-terrorism measures with environmental building techniques – creating a dual-use, and hence a more cost-effective solution.

It is envisaged that the HARMONISE project will be of direct benefit to range of stakeholders involved built environment decision making including, but not limited to:

  • National and local government authorities who have formal responsibility for delivering safer, more resilient urban built infrastructure;
  • Organisations and other businesses that build, operate, maintain and use a vast range of public/private buildings and infrastructure such as shopping centres, commercial districts, transport hubs etc;
  • A range of manufacturing, construction, engineering, and design organisations that provide components and services during the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of urban built infrastructure; and,
  • The social and business communities who depend on urban built infrastructure for important work, recreation and service functions essential to their daily lives.
Funding the Project

HARMONISE is funded under the EU 7th Framework Programme (FP7). The project is a response to a call from the European Framework Programme (FP7), FP7 Cooperation Work Programme 2012, topic SEC-2012.2.1-1, ‘Resilience of Large Scale Urban Built Infrastructure – Capability Project’.

The total project value is €3.5 million.

Get Involved

There is a lot to gain from getting involved in the HARMONISE Project. If you are interested in receiving further information on the HARMONISE project as it progresses please submit your email address below to be added to the HARMONISE mailing list.

E-zines: These high-quality e-zines will give you information on the latest HARMONISE activities, along with relevant case studies and information on any upcoming HARMONISE events.

Email bulletins: Keep up to date with HARMONISEs progress through quarterly summary updates of project activities.

Get in touch! We welcome all questions, opinions and thoughts. To get in touch with the HARMONISE team, please use our online contact form.

Mailing List HARMONISE

  • Over the course of the project, we will circulate quarterly updates on HARMONISE activities.


Alternatively, you can also follow the HARMONISE project on twitter – @HARMONISE_FP7 (https://twitter.com/HARMONISE_FP7) and LinkedIn (http://www.linkedin.com/pub/harmonise-project/83/397/82a).

Future Analytics Consulting Ltd (FAC) are leading the HARMONISE project, which has a total of 12 partners within the consortium as follows:  

Participant No. Participant Organisation  Short Name Country 

Aims and Objectives

The HARMONISE project has a number of end-users and supporting partners as follows:  

Participant Organisation  Country URL 
City of Tampere FI http://www.tampere.fi/english/
Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) UK Buy Cheap Generic Valium Online
Finish Funding Agency for Technology & Innovation (TEKES)  FI http://www.tekes.fi/en/
Tampere Central Arena Ltd  FI Cheap Valium Online Uk
Dublin City Council   IE Buy Diazepam Online From India
Department of Environment, Community & Local Government (Ireland)  IE Where Can You Buy Valium Over The Counter
London Borough of Southwark UK http://www.southwark.gov.uk/
 Genoa City Council  IT Buy Diazepam Actavis
Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI)  UK Buying Valium In India
West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit  UK Can I Buy Valium In Australia
European Council of Spatial Planners (ECTP)  N/A Buy Chinese Diazepam
Spanish Technology Platform on Industrial Safety (PESI)  ESWhere Can I Buy Real Valium Online
Criminology Department, University of Essex  UKBuy Generic Diazepam
Department of Security and Crime Science, University College London  UK Buy Diazepam Glasgow
Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Finland  FI Buy Real Valium Online
Roctest Ltd – SMARTEC (Global Leader in Sensor Technology), Switzerland  CH Can You Buy Valium Over The Counter In Australia