Project Programme

Project Programme  

An overview of the HARMONISE projects’ workpackage timelines can be found below:



Work Package   Timeframe (*M=Month) Key Dates (Commencement / Completion)
WP1 – Towards an Understanding of Urban Security and Resilience  M1-M6 June 2013-November 2013
WP2 – Development of a Shared Holistic Concept for Greater Urban Security and Resilience M7-M27 December 2013- September 2015
WP3 – Formulation of Mechanisms/Tools for Delivery of Improved Urban Security and Resilience  M8-M27 January 2013 – September 20153
WP4 – Case Study Application and Scenario Modelling  M17-M27 November 2014- September 2015
WP5 – Evaluation & Adaptation of Implementation Methods and Integration Process  M22-M30 April 2015 – January 2016
WP6 – Dissemination & Communication, Education/Training & Exploitation  M21-M36 March 2015 – June 2016
WP7 – Project / Consortium Management and Coordination  M1-M36 June 2013-June 2016

Project Update

Thank you for your interest in HARMONISE, which concluded in May 2016.

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