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In recent decades, the world has become increasingly urban. Indeed today it is estimated that 50% of the world’s population live in cities and this trend is likely to continue into the future, with an estimated 70% of the world expected to be urban dwellers by 2050. This rapid expansion of cities is exposing a larger number of people and economic assets to the threat of disasters and crisis events and posing additional challenges for the design, planning and management of urban areas. Within this context, the enhancement of urban security and resilience has become a far more urgent and significant task, necessitating more innovative and integrated approaches to urban development.

HARMONISE will be completed over the course of 36 months through the achievement of specific objectives distributed across seven Work Packages (WP’s).

Valium To Buy

Urban areas are highly complex with multi-purpose and interlinking and sometimes non interlinking characteristics, involving multiple actors, interests and resources. Systems such as telecommunications, water supply, sewerage, electricity and transportation add an additional layer of complexity to urban developments. Large scale built infrastructure – both planned and existing, is a critical component within the intertwined networks of urban areas. Such infrastructure not only includes physical elements, but also the hardware and software aspects. To date, there is no comprehensive, holistic approach to improve the resilience and security of critical large scale urban built infrastructure. The HARMONISE project recognises and aims to address this need.

HARMONISE can be viewed as being oriented around key four focus areas. Urban resilience, large scale urban built infrastructure, shared holistic concepts for greater security and resilience and the sharing of knowledge.

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The general aim of HARMONISE – A Holistic Approach to Resilience and Systematic Actions to Make Large Scale Built Infrastructure Secure – is to develop a comprehensive, multi-faceted, yet mutually reinforcing concept for the enhanced security, resilience and sustainability of urban infrastructure and development. HARMONISE will result in resilience enhancement methods for large scale urban built infrastructure. It will see the development of a concept to improve the security and resilience of this infrastructure, encompassing the design and planning phases of such projects (and thereby leading to robust built infrastructure invulnerable to natural/man-made disasters). HARMONISE will improve the design and planning of urban areas, thereby increasing their security and resilience to new threats.

The HARMONISE consortium is comprised of 12 partners.

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