The HARMONISE consortium is a comprehensive, experienced and multidisciplinary group of organisations that brings together knowledge and expertise from academic institutions, research and development organisations, and small and medium enterprises.

  • Comune Di Genova

    Stefania Manca

    Comune di Genova (CGG), through HARMONISE, aims to adopt a more holistic approach to improving procedures and implementation for emergency prevention and management. CDG, during the HARMONISE project, will provide inputs on the current state of the art at at WP1 and the preparation of advanced planning and design guidelines to account for citizen needs at WP3. CGD also play a major role in the dissemination of the project results (WP6).


  • University of Wuppertal

    The University of Wuppertal (UW) participates with two institutes in the HARMONISE project – The Institute for Security Systems (ISS) and the Institute for Public Safety and Emergency Management. UW plays a particularly important role in establishing the societal dimensions of resilience, establishing social parameters for tool development and evaluating tools for societal acceptability. The University has created a project page for HARMONISE here (Deutsch).


  • Technalia

    TECNALIA RESEARCH AND INNOVATION is a private, non-profit research organisation with more than 50 years of experience in supporting enterprises and administration bodies. Within HARMONISE Tecnalia is responsible for the development, along with VTT, of the Interactive Semantic Intelligence Platform (H‐ISIP). Tecnalia also plays a major role in the development of a number of tools in WP3 (e.g. blast threat scenarios & advanced numerical models). Tecnalia is also involved in the case studies (WP4), refinement of tools (WP5) and dissemination (WP6) to key European players.

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  • VTT

    VTT is a customer-oriented, multitechnological applied research organization that provides leading-edge technology solutions and innovation services. Within HARMONISE VTT has responsibility for developing a web-based platform that hosts and enables a portfolio of search, diagnostic, scenario modelling, management and educational tools of urban resilience.


  • City of Bilbao

    The main task of Bilbao Council will be review of current urban resilience position and contribution to gap analysis, support in the selection of critical security Support in selection of critical security aspects to be dealt in the project, Operational and planning strategies and Dissemination activities.


  • University of Warwick

    The University of Warwick is one of the UK’s leading universities with an acknowledged reputation for excellence in research and teaching, for innovation, and for links with business and industry. The HARMONISE project builds upon the on-going work on urban security and resilience in the University’s Faculty of Social Sciences and Department of Political Science and International Studies.


  • Selex ES

    Selex ES, is a transnational sensors, information management and systems integration business delivering the high technology needs of defence, security, infrastructure, commerce and public service. Within HARMONISE Selex ES understands the new dynamics impacting on safety and security will make available its expertise and achievements in these areas; integrating solutions for natural and man-made emergency demand improved resilience and responsiveness from civil authorities and first responder services.


  • Leigh Fisher

    LeighFisher is a global infrastructure consulting firm with over 65 years of deep expertise and proven success in the aviation, surface transportation, and infrastructure and government markets. LeighFisher brings extensive experience to the HARMONISE project based on advising infrastructure clients around the world on infrastructure integrity, resilience and security.


  • Future Analytics

    Future Analytics Consulting Ltd (FAC) is a chartered spatial planning, economic and research SME based in Dublin, Ireland working on domestic and international projects. FAC brings significant experience, skill and advocacy to the HARMONISE project in the field of project coordination and through technical input on urban resilience and citizen security from an urban planning and policy maker perspective. As a potential end user of the HARMONISE outputs, FAC has an active contribution and interest in the HARMONISE project as both project coordinator and project partner.

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  • University of Ulster

    The University of Ulster established in 1984 has a national and international reputation for research excellence, innovation and regional engagement. University of Ulster are involved in all the HARMONISE Work Packages and take the lead role in dissemination of the Project outcomes to academic as well as industry and policy maker audiences. In this they are helped by an excellent track record in research dissemination, research commercialisation and existing strong working relationships with a number of key urban built infrastructure owners, operators, designers and policy advisors as well as relevant professional institutional bodies and other key stakeholders.

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  • BDP

    BDP is a major international, interdisciplinary practice of architects, designers, engineers and urbanists. BDP brings our significant experience in designing and delivering urban infrastructure to the HARMONISE project. Our role is to ensure that HARMONISE provides a ‘real world’ platform that can be actively used by planners and designers of new urban infrastructure and that the results form ‘people’ not defence centred solutions that respect distinctiveness and quality of place.


  • Lonix

    Lonix is a Finnish system & software company specialized in integrated building management systems (IBMS). Lonix brings significant experience in the field of integrated building management systems to the HARMONISE project, especially as technical input from the viewpoint of integrating the requirements of urban security and resilience to real-time building systems.