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Towards an Understanding of Urban Security and Resilience 

The main objective of WP1 is to establish a comprehensive understanding of the current role and position of resilience in urban built infrastructure. A thematic review will be undertaken of the concept and operationalisation of urban resilience from existing key literature across multidisciplinary backgrounds, coupled with the elicitation of current views of professionals from a number of contributory and competing disciplines (given that this is a source of valuable and current knowledge). A detailed gap analysis will be performed between the current resilience position in real terms and the current state of the art, taking into account conditions which may challenge progress in advancing the state of the art of urban resilience, in a holistic fashion.

The primary objective of WP2 is developing a holistic integrated concept for enhancing the resilience of urban built infrastructure. This process will involve constructing an electronic, interactive, information platform which will host and enable a portfolio of search, diagnostic, scenario modelling, management and educational tools. During the development of the platform a repository and shared workspace will be set up which will hold the literature and consultation findings of WP1 and host tools developed as part of WP3. This repository and workspace will evolve over time into an interactive knowledge platform with associated toolset by the project’s completion, with holistic functionality achieved through linking the tools with the interactive semantic intelligence platform.


Development of a Shared Holistic Concept for Greater Urban Security and Resilience


Formulation of Mechanisms/Tools for Delivery of Improved Urban Security and Resilience

The objective of WP3 is to ‘harmonise’ urban resilience planning and practice through multi disciplinary integration of tools and methodologies. While this will be facilitated by the development of the H-ISIP platform concept in WP2, it will largely be delivered through the HARMONISE ‘toolkit’, which requires the creation and integration of such tools. This proposed ‘toolkit’ will encompass solutions at the planning and design stage right through to daily operation / management.  The activities of this WP will be heavily influenced by the emerging findings of the SOTA gap analysis in WP1 in order to identify and address current unmet needs in relation to existing tools and how the SOTA can be built upon and enhanced.

WP4 involves testing the effectiveness and integration capacity of the HARMONISE concept in practice through the use of case study analysis and demonstrations. A number of case study area projects, derived from a number of heterogeneously distinct urban locales across Europe, will be identified along with a number of key stakeholders. The case study projects selected will represent urban built infrastructure systems at various stages of completion – from yet unrealised projects which are at design and planning stage, through to fully completed and operational projects. The full suite of HARMONISE tools will be applied to these projects and used by a variety of potential end users from planners, construction teams, designers, to security teams. A key task will thus be to link appropriate tools, methods and guidance to suitable case studies in order to ensure stakeholder ‘buy in’ so that deployment and testing can commence.


Case Study Application and Scenario Modelling


Evaluation & Adaptation of Implementation Methods and Integration Process

This WP will be completed parallel to WP4 and aims to evaluate and adapt the HARMONISE toolkit and platform. This will be achieved through the establishment of evaluation guidelines, including a set of standardised templates and session formats to address a variety of performance criteria including effectiveness, efficiency, compatibility, fairness, implementation and ethical acceptability. Those aspects of the platform, tool, or measure which fail to achieve the minimum score set by the criteria will be subject to evaluation and refinement.

The primary objective of WP6 is to disseminate key findings, knowledge and outcomes of HARMONISE across all stages of the project. In order to achieve this, impact plans for commercial, end user and academic implementation and application will be developed, identifying the most suitable dissemination and communication activities to maximise project reach and impact across key stakeholder groups. For example, activities can include an international conference, utilising web based technologies, preparation of a best practice handbook, seminars and workshops, preparation of proposals for CPD events etc. As part of this, a detailed plan for economic exploitation of the project results will be developed including further market analysis required for potential commercialisation of activities as well as a technological implementation strategy.


Dissemination & Communication, Education/Training & Exploitation


Project / Consortium Management and Coordination 

The overall objective of WP 7 is to guide the HARMONISE project successfully from inception to completion through effective project management and coordination. This involves undertaking a range of project management activities including producing periodical progress reports, monitoring deliverables and milestones, coordinating consortium meetings and ensuring the timely submission of all reports and deliverables to REA. As part of these activities, a key task will be to define, implement, coordinate and monitor appropriate quality assurance activities in order to ensure that high quality project results are delivered which meet WP objectives.